I’m back, two feet on the ground, literally and metaphorically, in Sydney.  It’s a let down.  I’m happy to be back in my little flat, watering my plants and sleeping in my own, glorious bed.  But other than that, meh.  I’m tired, and jet lagged, and already missing a world in which I did little of any importance, but learnt so much from so many.

I’ll probably spend the best part of the next month trying to deal with everything, and process it all.  A lot happened in 8 weeks.  A LOT.  I went to the freaking WEST WING of the White House.  How is that even possible?  How is it that I have memories of the Oval Office in my head?  And was it really just two weeks ago that I was striding across the floor in the Capitol dome like I owned the place?  Damn, I miss that handy little ID card already.

And now I’m back.  Since I left, my favourite Thai food shop, the one in the terrace house with the fluorescent-coloured walls and the fish tank, has closed down.  But a new Chinese food shop opened at the pub down the road, and it delivers, and will also deliver alcohol from the bottle shop.  Incredible.  My favourite massage place is gone too.  It’s not quite the Sydney I left.

And I’m not the person I was when I left.  I learnt so much- so, so much.  About myself and the world and where I fit, and what I’m capable of.  And about other people, and how they are and how they can be.

And now I’m back, exactly where I was before, but totally different.  How do you do that?  How do you fit back into a slot when you’ve grown?

Eh, enough whinging for now.  There’ll be more- believe me, there’ll be more.

Strangely, this last 10 days, I’ve been listening to Frightened Rabbit’s Midnight Organ Flight a lot.  Still.  It’s funny, because it was SO my album for last year, and with all the growing and changing, I thought perhaps I’d have grown out of it.  But it’s still my current-favourite-album, and it still feels more like me than anything else I’ve listened to lately, including their latest album.

*edit* I just had a thought: maybe I’m listening to them because I’m mourning the fact I missed them in Sydney while I was away.  For the second year in a row.  I also missed The Decemberists, and Taylor Swift, and I’m sure someone else rather awesome.  And nobody I wanted to see came to DC while I was there.  I almost went to North Carolina to see Midlake at a little bar the second weekend of my trip, but I didn’t want to drive, and to drive alone, so I didn’t get there.  It was disappointing.

So of course, here’s one of my favourite FR songs:

Which was used almost perfectly in an episode of Chuck.  My only quibble, of course, is the fact they changed the line from “It take more than fucking someone you don’t know to keep yourself warm” to “it takes more than loving someone you don’t know to keep yourself warm.” Rather a significant difference.

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