I promised Jonathan, when I submitted my US Politics assignment on health care, that if I got an HD, I’ll post it on here.  Well, I didn’t get an HD, but I did get a prize, so, y’know, close enough.  Here’s a little taste:

The summer of 2009 seemed long for both the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress.  Facing falling polling numbers and increased outrage at its health care reform proposals, Congress adjourned and returned home for the summer to find angry constituents organized in vocal opposition to the administration?s plans.  While polls continued to illustrate that the public was broadly in favour of health care reform, representatives faced bitterly divided constituencies and increasingly vitriolic rhetoric.  Right-wing media figures accused the Obama administration of trying to enact a radical socialist agenda. Congressional coalitions that had once held promise now fractured. The bipartisan “Gang of Six” on the Senate Finance Committee split down party lines. The momentum gained by the new administration slowed.  Yet as the leaves started to turn, and Congress returned from its break, health care remained on the agenda, bloodied, but not beaten

Click here to see the whole thing.

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