Further to yesterday’s post about Sen. Steve Fielding‘s absurd notion that reducing divorce levels in Australia would lead to reduced carbon emissions, Ross Gittin’s piece in today’s Herald is fantastic and utterly honest. You see, while walking more and turning lights off makes us feel good about our contribution, with the Australian Government’s proposed Carbon Reduction scheme, household reduction in emissions will do nothing if industry is then allowed to continue polluting at its current rates- or even faster- because they are able to use the savings households make.  Our low targets are bad enough.  Having low targets that are specifically targeted toward household reduction with no specific industry targets is absurd. It’s a good piece, and well worth reading.  But again, I worry the argument is too long and convuluted for the general public to engage with.  “Divorce means more households means more electricity means global warming” is easy.  It’s pity.  People get it.  I’m not so sure everyone will get this.