Late last year, I wrote an essay about my love affair with football. It is going to appear in the collection From The Outer, edited by the amazing Alicia Sometimes and Nicole Hayes (whose two YA novels are absolute favourites of mine and highly, highly recommended), which will be published in April next year. It’s a collection of essays from people who you might not think of as the traditional football fan.

There are some genuinely amazing writers in the collection, like Leila Gurruwiwi, Angela Pippos, Alice Pung, Christos Tsiolkas and my friend Anna Spargo-Ryan.

I’m especially excited because it’s being published by Black Inc. When I was first discovering the world of good sports writing, I’d buy any sport book with the Black Ink logo because they were invariably good. I remember saying to my friend Dinu, one day at uni, that my absolute dream was to publish a sports book with Black Inc. It’s so incredible to be involved with this project.

You can even preorder it already on ebook.

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