1. Sourdough. You already know all about that.

2. Lime and Lady Grey Tea biscuits. They are tasty, buttery morsels of tangy goodness.  Absolutely to-die-for.  If I do say so myself.  Rosie liked them so much, she went home and made her own.

3. Chicken Soup Real chicken soup.  With a whole chicken.  Oh, it was so, so yummy… it made about 10 litres, and I froze a heap of it, which is still keeping me in lunches.

4. Chicken and Sundried tomato ravioli. Baked chicken, mixed with basil and sundried tomato, wrapped in fresh ravioli.  Oh, it was blissful.  Truly, truly blissful.

5. REAL Chai. Chai made on the stove, boiled, with proper Chai spices and the best soy milk known to man.  Oh, it was good.  It was so, so good.

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