5. Going back to M on the Bund, which has really good food, and trying out any number of Shanghai’s cool places to drink

4.  Getting a Fish Pedicure. Argh, that video is annoying: she qualified unique.  I don’t know how I actually feel about the idea of fish pedicures, but I definitely want to try them.

3.  Taking the high-speed rail.  Reading Matt Yglesias‘ blog has made me strangely appreciative of transportation technology, and I’ve never been on a high-speed train.

2.  Seeing the Great Wall of China.  Hopefully in the snow.

1.  Going to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors.  When my parents first moved to China when I was 19, I told them they could only go and leave me all alone if, when I came to visit, they would take me to the warriors.  Sadly, that didn’t happen before they left 18 months later.  Now they’ve returned to Shanghai, the time is right to FINALLY see the Terracotta Warriors.  I’m so excited:  I’ve never been to a truly ancient historical site.  Oh, except Stonehenge.  But it was just creepy, with all its burial mounds.

And yes, I know that the warriors form part of a tomb, but that is definitely not as creepy.

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