A few weeks ago, I went to see the wonderful Michael Pollan speak at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

During question time after his talk, I desperately wanted to ask a question about the Farm Bill, and particularly whether he thought we can actually do something real or significant to change our eating habits without it.  But, being a talk in Sydney, I thought that it was probably not a question of interest to anyone but me…
So I was rather happy today, when Ezra Klein posted about a Michael Pollan piece about the Farm Bill.  My questions answered (well, not really, but at least addressed) without having to ask a single question.
I’m reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma at the moment, but my thoughts are still half-baked.

One of these days I’m actually going to share my opinions on here, rather than just pointing you in the direction of the opinions of others, which I happen to find convincing.

Did that others need an apostrophe?

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