Meet Ezra Klein.

This is him:

Ezra Klein

He has a blog.  You can read it here.
Ezra is exactly 78 days older than me.  He was born May 9, 1984.  I was born July 26, 1984 (I know you can count, but I thought I’d save you the time.)  Consequently, reading EK’s blog makes me feel like a massive underachiever.

He is a staff writer for The American Prospect, and has published in the Los Angeles Times, The New Republic, The Guardian, Slate and heap of other impressive publications.

Ezra is very smart, articulate, and is rather fond of cooking things that look delicious.  He featured on my all-time favourite episode of, which you can watch here, if you feel so inclined.

So that is Ezra.  He’s my pick of the blogging wunderkinds.

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