This is not so much a grammatical problem but one of pronunciation.

Letters in words appear in the order in which you should pronounce them.  And, unless the sound is universally acknowledged to be silent, you should prounce all of them.  IN ORDER. And you should not add

For example, consider the word ask.  It should be pronounce a-s-k.  Now, whether that’s an Aaaa-sk, in the American style, or an arrrr-sk, in the Australian or English style is irrelevant.  That’s just a variation of the pronunciation of the “a” sound.

But the work is not, and should never be, pronounced “ar-ks”. That is not a word.  It is a horrible combination of sounds that only total bogans would ever consider putting together.

Or take the world “else”.  It is pronounced El-se. NOT El-ts.  There is no t in the word. None. Not even one.  EL-SE.

And while we’re at it, Australia is prounounced Aust-ra-li-a.  Not Aust-raya.  There is a L, people, use it!

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