There was an exceptionally sad story in the Sydney Morning Herald today about the risk of death in childbirth around the world.  It is horrifying that, in the 21st Century, a woman can have a one in 33 chance of dying in child birth.

In the course of their lifetime, women in some African countries face a one in ten chance of dying in Child birth.

This is one of the horror stories of our generation.  We sit here, and we know this is happening, yet we do so little.  One of the ways to improve rates of child birth survival is to improve basic sanitation.

And one of the ways to do that?  You guessed it, water.  Did you know it only costs $25 AUD to provide water for an individual for twenty years.  Their share in the cost of a well works out about that much.  The fantastic Charity:Water, which has recently expanded from working just in Africa to Asia and Central America as well, do fantastic work providing clean, fresh water.

Learn more about their work here.  I really think they are one of the mot amazing charity organisation around.  They are well worth your time to consider, and your money, should you have some to spare.

Read more about the global water crisis here.  And please, do consider donating to Charity: Water.  It’s amazing what a huge difference a small donation can make.

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