This is my first ever contest!  And, fittingly, first prize is a Sufjan Stevens CD.|

You see, a while ago, there was a person for whom I bought a Christmas gift .  It was the Sufjan Stevens Christmas album, because he didn’t have it.  But, before I had a chance to mail it to him, he was mean to me, and doesn’t deserve it, so it sits in my bottom drawer.  So I need to be rid of it.

And so, rather than throw it in the bin, I though I’d have a bit of a competition. Simply fill in the form below.  I’ll mail the prize anywhere in the world. Entries close Feb 28th.

And if nobody enters, I’m putting it in the bin!

Oh, the CD is BRAND NEW, in its wrapping.  It’s more of a box set- five EPs, with a book and stickers and who knows what else: I haven’t actually opened it.


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  1. So glad you didnt send that. Instead of bin you should give it to an op shop and well… you wont see the result, but im pretty sure someone will be super psyched.
    God, eff this mobile internet. Its too tedious and not a desktop.

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