I always thought commitment was about love or marriage or maybe debt.  You know- the great, large decisions that make you less able to obey any whim you so choose.

Then I bought a Very Large Television.

I had a VIP card at a local electronics store while I worked at Swans, so before I left, I put the Very Large Television on lay-by.  I really wanted one I could hook in to my computer.  I had no intention of buying a Very Large Television.  Maybe a Large Television, but not a Very Large Television. But the Very Large Television was so pretty.  And at 50% off, how could I say no.

Oh, but when the tattooed delivery man carried it upstairs with impressive ease, I began to worry.  The box was, well, Very Large.  And the television inside it was too.

That’s when I realised: gone are the days in which I can pack up and move in a heartbeat.  If I were to decide to do the Apple Pie roadtrip across America, where would my things go.

I am an adult.

And now I am in one place, stuck for the forseeable future, because of my Very Large Television and associated Ridiculous and Excessive Electrical Devices.

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December 5, 2008 10:32 am

I know the feeling :/

I feel committed by a Very Large Television, but also by the tight rental market – if we leave our current place because we don’t want to pay rent while we travel (for example), we could come back and not find anything for weeks. And putting the VLT in storage is also risky … it could flood!

Can you tell I’m not doing any work today?

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