There’s been a minor kerfuffle in the blogosphere today about a George Will article that appears in the Washington Post recently, and used a Newsweek cover story from the 1970s fearing global cooling as evidence that climate fear is little more than mass hysteria.

Oh George, how wrong you are.

I won’t launch into all the reasons he’s wrong.  Best bet is to first check out the original op-ed, then see Talking Points Memo, Nate Silver’s two posts (I love the title “George Will takes on science, loses credibility” LOL)  and, of course, Ezra Klein posts I and II (actually, just read everything Klein has ever written- it’s worth the considerable time it takes)  responding to Will.  Suffice to say, he is wrong.  And aside from anything, it’s an interesting example of the way the blogosphere interacts.

But it continues to astonish me that individuals are able to openly argue that climate change is not a real danger, and are taken seriously.  Look at the world!  This is not a series of random occurances, there is a pattern here.  Yes, it’s not as hot as 1998, but 1998 is a record year, and we are trending toward te 1998 record being the average.

This is not a fringe theory.  This isn’t even a theory supported by a small majority.  It has vast scientific support.  It is measurable.  It is happening.  The question is only how bad it will be.  Consider this, though:  though many claim it won’t be nearly as bad as people thing, many others fear it will be far, far worse than we imagine.  Our understanding of weather systems is so poor that we can’t predict how huge the effects will be.

But we’re seeing them already.  Early than even the doomiest of doomsayers predicted.

This is real.  This is happening.  And people like Will should be shunned as fools, because to ignore such strong, scientific evidence truly is foolish.

Climate Change is real.  Do something about it.

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