I’ve been trying to pick some photos to blow up and frame, and this one is definitely on the short list.

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  1. Not bad. What part of China is this in? Beijing, or somewhere else? I’m headed there this spring, I can’t wait to travel around.

  2. It’s a fantastic walk you can take, from Jinshanling to Simatai. My full blog about it is here. We were picked up in Beijing, and driven to Jinshanling, about 2.5 hours away. We were then given 4-5 hours to walk about 10kms along the wall, through both restored and unrestored parts, and were picked up at Simatai to return to Beijing.

    It was incredibly steep in places, but just the most amazing experience. I definitely recommend doing it, rather than just going to Badaling or Mutianyu. Transfers and lunch (which was remarkably good) cost 220rmb each, I think, and entry to the two different parts of the wall was 90rmb total.

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