Please indulge me in this moment of navel-gazing…

One of the things I’ve certainly noticed in my life so far is the way some points really feel like chapters- when multiple threads get wound up all at once, and new ones appear.  Yeah, it’s probably a coincidence, and I’m just seeing patterns because I am a human being

This week definitely feels like the end and beginning of a chapter.

It’s a year today since I stopped working at the Sydney Swans, and a year tomorrow since I started at Horticulture Australia.  My new website will go live within the next 24 hours- the result of 11 months of work- and my role will shift slightly.  I got the final bill for my internship visa today, which makes it clear that the trip in imminent.  Another new venture is starting to take shape. And my ambitions have shifted, ever so slightly, but in a way that gives me new energy.

Oh, and I cleaned my desk. Like, REALLY cleaned it. With Pine-O-Clean and all.

It’s exciting.

But it’s lovely when that happens, because you can’t help but be excited. Life’s been a bit dull lately, and things have been drab, but now, now there’s things to look forward to. And new challenges!

And you know what I’m going to do first? Check out some new software.  I want to try DevonThink and Personal Brain, both on the recommendation of my soon-to-be-professor (sort of, but I doubt I’ll actually get to take any of his classes should he be teaching, which also seems unlikely), James Fallows.

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