I’ve been a little light on the blogging the last few days, because I’m feverishly working to move this blog (that’s right! Move it!) to my own domain with a new host, so I can start playing around with some of the more technical stuff.  I get to do a bit of that at work, but not nearly enough, and if I screw up there, it’s a big problem.  I’m still writing a couple of big posts, and I’m hoping to have the new site at least functional- if not actually attractive and appealing- by the end of this long weekend.

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  1. remember where your roots are, girl.


    ps. since my comment wasn’t imported along with your post, i decided to re-create it.

  2. Hey Erin, when I updated the address of your blog on my blogroll, it no longer shows when you update stuff. Is that something you want it to do…? Just thought I would bring it to your highly technical attention. 🙂

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