America, government, and the tough question of gun control

There is no doubt that gun control in the United States is a tough and important question and, in my mind, there is no doubt that something needs to change. But after the awful events in Connecticut yesterday, simply saying “Hey America, you should ban guns” or “We did it here after Port Arthur and […]

A Tale of Two Horse Races

Tuesday’s a big day, in both the US and Australia.  In the States, we’ll finally know the winner of the metaphorical horse race. Back here, our horse race is of a literal kind, as we celebrate the race that stops a nation.  But as a metaphor for the election process, the “horse race” is lacking: […]

Taxes, flooding, and an Australian idea

As the water recedes, and the East Coast is faced with the significant clean up after Hurricane Sandy, it’s probably worth a minute to consider whether it’s possible for the US to mimic the actions Australia took after the Queensland floods. After a period of significant flooding in Queensland in 2010–11 — covering an area […]

Paul Ryan and PCOS

This is a bit of an overshare. It’s the kind of thing that would usually be private. Unfortunately, by co-sponsoring HR 212, Paul Ryan has made my private health issue a matter of public policy. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s pretty sucky. Basically, it means that I have a hormonal imbalance that does all sorts […]

Iowa: what it really means (and what it really doesn't)

There’s a bit of confusion coming out of the contest in Iowa.  Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were separated by only eight of the 122,255 votes cast. The implications of this, however, might not be what you think: What it doesn’t mean: Rick Santorum is a 50/50 chance to get the nomination. He’s not. He […]

Seven mistakes Aussies make when talking about US Politics

As we turn to the Iowa caucuses, and talking about US politics, there are a few mistakes that it’s easy for Australians to make- and frequently do- when discussing US elections. So here’s my list of seven mistakes Aussies often make when they talk about American politics. 1) They assume American political parties are homogenous […]

How to fix the American political situation, in one easy step

Are you ready for it? Vote. It’s as simple as that. Vote in the general election. Vote in the primary election. Vote every time you can. Maybe there’s an extra step. Maybe you need to register your affiliation with a party or as an independent. That’s easy pretty easy too. If you live in a […]

Why Michelle Bachmann could be President

 Once upon a time, I counted myself a Republican.  It’s a true story.  And not just a Republican, but a hard-core, social-conservative Republican.  I was anti-abortion-rights, pro-death-penalty, pro-prayer-in-schools.  I was your cliche, full-on, religious-conservative Republican.  And I lived in the US at the time, and was surrounded by friends who felt the same. *edit*: A […]

On "celebrating" death

All over my facebook today, people are citing the fake MLK quote about celebrating death and making quite disparaging remarks toward the people who are expressing pleasure with the fact Osama Bin Laden is dead.  I’ve wanted to engage in a conversation about it, but given both the fact it’s not in one place, and […]

2010 may not be a disaster

I’ve long suspected that 2010 won’t be nearly as much of a disaster for the Democrats as many expected, and that the memory of 1994 is making us scared in ways we shouldn’t be.  The 111th congress has been damn effecting, and the Obama administration has done a lot right- they just haven’t wasted the […]