We need to talk about privilege

So yesterday, I tweeted: Vance Joy and Chet Faker went to school together, which means the Hottest 100 has had more winners from St Kevin’s Toorak than women — Erin Riley (@erinrileyau) January 25, 2016 I knew this was true. I thought it was an amusing example of the complex way privilege works and how […]

How long can you love a game that hates you?

“There comes a point where [we need to call out this behaviour] and go ‘enough’s enough.’ It is draining on Adam… This is something that’s not been going on for a few fews, it’s been going on for months now, and I just don’t know that it reflects well on our game and I think […]

What it feels like.

Last week, an Australian man named Ryan Hawkin was exposed for sending hideous and violent messages to Clementine Ford. Later, he was interviewed about it saying: Mr Hawkin said he “thought it was pretty obvious it was an empty threat, but I guess she didn’t” and he feels Ms Ford could have messaged him, instead of […]

Email from the AFL

This is the email I received from a representative of the AFL after I published my piece about racism, sexism and homophobia at the AFL Grand Final. I have received permission to print it from the author, though it was originally captioned “not for publication”. Hi Erin Sorry to hear that your experience at last […]

My 10 books…

There’s a lovely thread going about the blogosphere where people are talking about the books that most influenced them.  I started writing this when it first began, got embarrassed because there was so much fiction, but decided at last to post it. So here’s mine: Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha Roddy Doyle This was the […]

On Hey Hey It's Saturday and class in Australia

On hearing about the Hey Hey It’s Saturday sketch that has garnered so much criticism, I was immediately, naturally disgusted.  Make no mistake, it was racist. It should not have been allowed to air.  Educated producers knew exactly what it meant and what the reaction would be, and they aired it anyway. That was both […]

More "Christmas TV"

I finally found an embeddable version of “Christmas TV”, so I figured I’d better share it.  Also, the lyrics, because they are amazing.  My favourite bit is this: It’s okay to have scars, they will make you who you are It’s okay to have fear, as long as you’re not scared of coming here And […]

The Black Cab Sessions

I’m currently totally obsessed with this site called the Black Cab Sessions, where they get a bunch of really cool musicians to do one song, one take, in the back of a cab while driving around (usually) London. It’s lots of fun. And, incidentally, had featured quite a number of songs from my Favourite Show […]


Please indulge me in this moment of navel-gazing… One of the things I’ve certainly noticed in my life so far is the way some points really feel like chapters- when multiple threads get wound up all at once, and new ones appear.  Yeah, it’s probably a coincidence, and I’m just seeing patterns because I am […]

Save the Hoey

The first gig I ever saw at Sydney’s Hopetoun Hotel- I’m ashamed to say it was in 2005, and that I squandered the first 3 years of my ID-possession without a single visit there- was Jens Lekman. It was an amazing gig, back when my brother, a keen Jens fan, has to special-order “When I […]