For Clara

Today, I am joining hundreds of other people in grieving the loss of my incredible friend, Clara Jordan-Baird, who passed away suddenly and tragically this week. She was 28. The truest thing I can say about my friend Clara was she did nothing by halves. She threw herself wholly and passionately into everything, most of […]

20 hours to go

TL;DR: Please support Crinkling News’ crowdfunder which is in its last day.  ** Early in my days writing for Crinkling News, I submitted a story about Sydney Swans player Aliir Aliir. I thought it was pretty decent: it told the story of how he was born in a refugee camp, moved to Australia and became […]

Email from the AFL

This is the email I received from a representative of the AFL after I published my piece about racism, sexism and homophobia at the AFL Grand Final. I have received permission to print it from the author, though it was originally captioned “not for publication”. Hi Erin Sorry to hear that your experience at last […]