The exclusionary language of inclusion

I have this horrible, sinking feeling that much of the work that was done to encourage tolerance has backfired. Instead of actually encouraging inclusiveness, the language of tolerance is now used by many as an excuse to never reconsider their opinions. Language designed to encourage inclusiveness has become a way to justify exclusion. I’m glad […]

How to fix the American political situation, in one easy step

Are you ready for it? Vote. It’s as simple as that. Vote in the general election. Vote in the primary election. Vote every time you can. Maybe there’s an extra step. Maybe you need to register your affiliation with a party or as an independent. That’s easy pretty easy too. If you live in a […]

The value of ease

Last night, I had the privilege of attending a USSC event in Sydney, in which former Prime Minister John Howard spoke about the US-Australian relationship.  I was genuinely surprised by Mr Howard’s graciousness, particularly toward past and present Labor party members, and his humility.  I hadn’t expected to be so impressed by him. Content-wise, though, […]

Let's talk about risk

So everyone’s talking about the flood tax. The “tax on mateship”. Whatever. Both parties have behaved more-than-a-little cynically in their approach to the situation, and everyone’s talking about the solution- a flood levy- rather than the underlying problem which is, of course, risk. More specifically, it’s a conversation about what risk should be socialized, and […]

On a philosophy of government

Some ABC commentator or other- I think it may have been a Liberal senator- said the other day that philosophy no longer had a place in Australian politics. It was a sad comment, but one that reflects the things I found so very frustrating about the campaign: there was very little talk about the philosophy […]