For Clara

Photo of four people with a sign that says "Pass holders and appointments only"

ay, I am joining hundreds of other people in grieving the loss of my incredible friend, Clara Jordan-Baird, who passed away suddenly and tragically this week.

The Avalanche

Photo of sunset

My daughter is seven and a half months old and we have run out of money…

The exclusionary language of inclusion

I have this horrible, sinking feeling that much of the work that was done to encourage tolerance has backfired. Instead of actually encouraging inclusiveness, the language of tolerance is now used by many as an excuse to never reconsider their opinions. Language designed to encourage inclusiveness has become a way to justify exclusion. I’m glad […]

There be trolls

On Monday evening, I got home from work and wrote a short piece about my disgust at the fact the Labor party was coupling fairly significant changes to the nature of redistribution in the Australian tax code to their attempt to price carbon.  I thought I was pretty clear: while I absolutely believe in progressive […]

On Therapy

About 8 months ago, in May last year, I had a mini-breakdown. It had been a long time coming.  Too many years of suppressing problems and not actually dealing with the stuff that had been hurting me, and certainly not dealing with it right. I’d gotten to a place that like, or a place that […]

I'm back, baby

So I’m no longer writing regularly for the USSC blog.  Strangely, as soon as blogging was a “job”, I found it amazingly difficult to do.  I wasn’t nearly as inspired, and not at all articulate.  The moment it became a must-do, it was something un-fun. So I’m crossing full time blogger off the potential career […]

Peace at last!!!

Epic closure tonight. And pfft, I so win. So to celebrate: I didn’t need these things I didn’t need them, oh The point was hard to pass A mediocre past So I shed my clothes, I shed my flesh Down to the bone and burned the rest I didn’t need these things I didn’t need […]