Episode one: Hate-watching, misogynerds and World War One.

At long last, the first episode of Hit, Shits and Other Bits. In this episode: hate-watching, misogynerds and World War One. Plus, Lauren makes a confession that makes Cam need to lie down, Cam makes a confession that makes Lauren need to lie down, and Erin just needs to lie down    

Why I hate the Westminster System

This is a little story about why I hate the Westminster system. The other day, I had an idea. It was about paid parental leave. Both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have PPL plans.  Gillard’s offers the same amount to everyone, is more affordable, but means that incentives differ based on different base wage (ie. […]

I'm back, baby

So I’m no longer writing regularly for the USSC blog.  Strangely, as soon as blogging was a “job”, I found it amazingly difficult to do.  I wasn’t nearly as inspired, and not at all articulate.  The moment it became a must-do, it was something un-fun. So I’m crossing full time blogger off the potential career […]

Sport Matters

Sport matters. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Watching the soccer tonight made me realise, I’ve never told the story of me, the Sydney Swans, and 2005. Regardless of what has happened in the interim, that year was more important to me than I could imagine. My parents- nay, my whole family- moved overseas […]

Aussie Rules

I love Australian Rules Football, because it is the Australian game. Long before Association Football was codified, Australian Rules set down its laws and made the code official.  And it was a peculiarly Australian code: one that allowed for ambiguities and differences.  It didn’t even have a standard field size.  Nor does it, to this day.  The […]

Unwilling or unable?

It seems hardly a day goes by now when I’m not frustrated by the overwhelming white-straight-maleness of the world in which we live.  At work, the entire chain-of-command above me is male and white and straight. During my postgrad degree, I’ve had just one female lecturer, and one male lecturer who wasn’t white. Political parties […]

Two videos about DC

I forgot to post these! Here are two videos I made about doing UCWIP in DC. First is a google search story: And this was my Party In The USA photo montage. Because I had to.

More Ego Tripping

I was in the paper today.  Here’s the proof: And this is what they said.  I swear, I talked at length about the fact it was a CONGRESSIONAL internship and I worked in the Office of Rep Sam Farr, but they left all that out and only talked about the fact I visited the White […]

Q and A

I was on Q&A last night, on the ABC.  It was pretty epically awesome.  They picked my question to ask and, when I asked it, there was a MASSIVE round of applause.  I blogged at the USSC about the experience, and why I think the question mattered (it was on the US’s response to our […]

I'm Still Here.

There are songs you like.  There are songs you love.  And then there are inspirational tunes you listen to at the gym in order to pump you up.  This is one such song.