Fair, good, better: improving the AFL's cost-of-living allowance

With alarming predictability, the AFL’s cost-of-living allowance comes up every couple of months, usually during trade week, just before the season starts, and any time a team with the concession does well. As a Swans supporter with a pretty active twitter account, hardly a week goes by without someone making a sly comment, explicitly or […]

My life in sport, or how I learnt to think about sport

It took a long time to recognise my love of sport, and longer still to acknowledge it. As it kid, I wasn’t remotely self-conscious about it. I loved Kieren Perkins from the minute I heard him tell his story on an ad during Saturday Morning Disney in the lead-up to the 1992 Olympics. I spent […]

Message to Souris: Sydney's Small Bars are NOT the problem

In the seven years I’ve lived in Sydney, I’ve spent a fair bit of time, and money, in drinking establishments. I’ve seen fights- I even got literally stuck in the middle of one after a guy standing behind me mouthed off to the guy standing in front of me. I’ve seen girls doing racks of coke in the bathroom. I’ve had my arse slapped. I’ve seen people passed out on sofas. I’ve seen girls have screaming matches on the street.

And you know what? Not one of those occasions has been at a small bar.

Some replies on "Sexism in the street"

Here are some of the other stories people shared on Twitter today about #sexisminthestreet: *Please note* All these replies came from public twitter accounts- handles as displayed on the tweets. If anyone is uncomfortable with me using their reply, I’m more than happy to take them down.  

Sexism in the street

I made a fairly flippant series on comments on Twitter today, after reading Jessica Rowe’s article about racism in Australia, about the comparative frequency of racist vs. sexist comments experienced by people.  Racist comments are, of course, completely appalling.  I can’t emphasize that enough.  But I find it astonishing to hear so much conversation about experiences of […]

The kinds of equality

But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with the social choice to have more leisure and fewer material goods. The problem with leisure, however, is that you can’t tax it to pay off accumulated debt or to finance pensions for your senior citizens. Matthew Yglesias hits on something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, though in a […]

More than a game

I’m rather fond of sport. I love the thrill of my team winning, the suspense in the minutes before the siren sounds in a close game.  I love watching a horse I’ve backed thunder down the track and love screaming as it makes its way to the front. I love seeing a player come back […]

In praise of Centrism

So Jonathan’s off on his boring “centrism is stupid” high horse again.  But clearly, it’s not centrism, but Jonathan who is stupid. Centrism is the opposite of stupid: it’s a smart and sophisticated reaction to the world as it is, and to political reality. Centrism recognises there’s some middle ground between a flat tax and […]

There be trolls

On Monday evening, I got home from work and wrote a short piece about my disgust at the fact the Labor party was coupling fairly significant changes to the nature of redistribution in the Australian tax code to their attempt to price carbon.  I thought I was pretty clear: while I absolutely believe in progressive […]

Why Michelle Bachmann could be President

 Once upon a time, I counted myself a Republican.  It’s a true story.  And not just a Republican, but a hard-core, social-conservative Republican.  I was anti-abortion-rights, pro-death-penalty, pro-prayer-in-schools.  I was your cliche, full-on, religious-conservative Republican.  And I lived in the US at the time, and was surrounded by friends who felt the same. *edit*: A […]