Choice, abortion, motherhood

Yesterday, I published an article on the ABC about how International Women’s Day — a day that is supposed to celebrate women — rarely makes room for women with caring responsibilities. I received lots of wonderful responses from women who felt the piece reflected their experiences. I also received this email, which I would not […]

Men: do some work this International Women’s Day

Men who live with women, there’s a simple thing you can do to show your commitment to Women’s Equality this International Women’s Day: spend an hour doing housework you don’t usually do. Find a job that needs to be done — don’t ask, just find one — and do it. And then commit to doing […]

Dear Mothers: an apology

Dear Mothers, I owe you an apology. I am sorry for being a crappy feminist and not including your issues in my fight. I’m sorry for not realising how significant those issues were until I faced them myself. I’m sorry for not listening to you as I should have. I’m sorry for the times I, […]

It’s never a joke…

Last year, I came across a post about something I wrote in a BigFooty forum. My blog shows me the various links people click to reach my page, so I was interested in where they were coming from. It was a mistake. I was immediately greeted by post after post about what a terrible person I […]

Wherever you're from- but you should probably be a man

The AFL’s new ad is based on the premise that people everywhere can be captured by our game. Here is what I learnt from the ad: Here’s the link to the ad. It’s actually worse than even those screen shots capture. 58 seconds long, and women get 3.5 seconds of screen time.

On footy media…

There are so many things that are great about footy. The game itself is unparalleled: it’s elegant and tough at the same time, and a game can turn in a moment. The atmosphere at games is incredible. And club membership is diverse: looking around at games, there are men and women, children and grandparents, people […]

Paul Ryan and PCOS

This is a bit of an overshare. It’s the kind of thing that would usually be private. Unfortunately, by co-sponsoring HR 212, Paul Ryan has made my private health issue a matter of public policy. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s pretty sucky. Basically, it means that I have a hormonal imbalance that does all sorts […]

No Women’s Round at Fox Footy Channel

This round’s clash is the AFL’s annual Women’s Round, where the contribution of women to Australian football’s wonderful and diverse culture is celebrated. At least, it is if you’re not watching the Fox Footy channel. Since its colonial beginnings, women have always been a significant part of Australian Rules football and its culture. As early as […]

On Taylor Swift and Feminism

It’s easy for feminists to hate on Taylor Swift.  She sings about wearing dresses and plays a sparkly guitar, and worries a lot about her love life. There’s a tendency to call her “anti-feminist” because of these things.  It’s silly and pretty contrary to the ideals of feminism to suggest any kind of expression of […]