Fair, good, better: improving the AFL's cost-of-living allowance

With alarming predictability, the AFL’s cost-of-living allowance comes up every couple of months, usually during trade week, just before the season starts, and any time a team with the concession does well. As a Swans supporter with a pretty active twitter account, hardly a week goes by without someone making a sly comment, explicitly or […]

My life in sport, or how I learnt to think about sport

It took a long time to recognise my love of sport, and longer still to acknowledge it. As it kid, I wasn’t remotely self-conscious about it. I loved Kieren Perkins from the minute I heard him tell his story on an ad during Saturday Morning Disney in the lead-up to the 1992 Olympics. I spent […]

On footy media…

There are so many things that are great about footy. The game itself is unparalleled: it’s elegant and tough at the same time, and a game can turn in a moment. The atmosphere at games is incredible. And club membership is diverse: looking around at games, there are men and women, children and grandparents, people […]

Some replies on "Sexism in the street"

Here are some of the other stories people shared on Twitter today about #sexisminthestreet: *Please note* All these replies came from public twitter accounts- handles as displayed on the tweets. If anyone is uncomfortable with me using their reply, I’m more than happy to take them down.  

Sexism in the street

I made a fairly flippant series on comments on Twitter today, after reading Jessica Rowe’s article about racism in Australia, about the comparative frequency of racist vs. sexist comments experienced by people.  Racist comments are, of course, completely appalling.  I can’t emphasize that enough.  But I find it astonishing to hear so much conversation about experiences of […]

Iowa: what it really means (and what it really doesn't)

There’s a bit of confusion coming out of the contest in Iowa.  Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum were separated by only eight of the 122,255 votes cast. The implications of this, however, might not be what you think: What it doesn’t mean: Rick Santorum is a 50/50 chance to get the nomination. He’s not. He […]

Seven mistakes Aussies make when talking about US Politics

As we turn to the Iowa caucuses, and talking about US politics, there are a few mistakes that it’s easy for Australians to make- and frequently do- when discussing US elections. So here’s my list of seven mistakes Aussies often make when they talk about American politics. 1) They assume American political parties are homogenous […]

Football, Feminism and You

Earlier today, I mentioned on Twitter that Grantland, a site of which I’m quite fond, had fallen into the habit of primarily using female writers for stories on women’s sport (or, since Grantland also covers pop culture, on pop culture stories)*.  I followed it up by mentioning something I noticed during my trip to Melbourne: […]

More than a game

I’m rather fond of sport. I love the thrill of my team winning, the suspense in the minutes before the siren sounds in a close game.  I love watching a horse I’ve backed thunder down the track and love screaming as it makes its way to the front. I love seeing a player come back […]

How to fix the American political situation, in one easy step

Are you ready for it? Vote. It’s as simple as that. Vote in the general election. Vote in the primary election. Vote every time you can. Maybe there’s an extra step. Maybe you need to register your affiliation with a party or as an independent. That’s easy pretty easy too. If you live in a […]