So the US Studies Centre at Sydney Uni (since it’s a centre of US Studies, should it be centre?)  ran a couple of competitions during the US Election… and both have the same wonderful grand prize: A TRIP TO THE INAUGURATION.

I can scarcely think of something I’d enjoy more.

So I entered both.  I entered the “guess the electoral votes, popular vote and president” winner myself, then badgered every family member/friend/vague acquaintance of mine to enter for me.  I offered each one of a range of electoral vote predictions, thanks to Nate Silver, to cover all my bases.

The second competition was called “Campaign MashUp”.  You have to “give your take on the election in 60 seconds on less”.  Given that I only had a crappy webcam and not a whole lot of skill, this was the video I produced: 

It’s currently a finalist in the competition, which surprised me a bit.  But I’m stoked.  They should be announcing the winner any day now…. gah.

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