Millennium Development Goals

Though I did like Obama from well before he announced his presidential campaign, one of the things that won me over to him was his openness about his aid policy.

This is from his website:

Fight Global Poverty: Obama will embrace the Millennium Development Goal of cutting extreme poverty around the world in half by 2015, and he will double our foreign assistance to $50 billion to achieve that goal. He will help the world’s weakest states to build healthy and educated communities, reduce poverty, develop markets, and generate wealth.”

To my mind, that is one of the more impressive promises made be a presidential candidate. And Obama’s record in the senate- not to mention his personal biography- reflect a commitment to Africa.

The Millennium Development Goals are a really good set of standards we all should be working to achieve. They’ve been largely forgotten by the press, and I don’t think they’ve really captured the public’s imagination in the way they could. Maybe a US president who is open about striving to meet even one of those goals could go a long way toward changing this…

I’ll post more about Obama’s Global Poverty Act soon…

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June 13, 2008 2:26 pm

I’ve done a lot of writing about the Millennium Development Goals and especially the first goal.

The sad news is that the world has gone backwards in trying to achieve it. I think its good to be committed to reducing poverty and hunger, but halving the problem by 2015 now seems impossible.

Policies to remove subsidies will probably do more to ease the situation than providing aid money – especially as that money is then used to buy overpriced food stocks from rich countries!

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