Legendary Lamb

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, Find A Bed didn’t exist. It wasn’t even an idea. Like pretty much everyone else, I have found 2020 extraordinarily challenging. But as hard as it has been, there have been some real highs. One of them was the invitation to participate in the the amazing Lamb […]

For Clara

Photo of four people with a sign that says "Pass holders and appointments only"

ay, I am joining hundreds of other people in grieving the loss of my incredible friend, Clara Jordan-Baird, who passed away suddenly and tragically this week.

The Avalanche

Photo of sunset

My daughter is seven and a half months old and we have run out of money…

40 minutes with Mary

This morning, I met Mary. Mary’s the same age as my Mum, but I would never have guessed it. She looks so much older. She has one child, a son, who is the same age as me. Mary has had medical problems her whole life. Despite that, she sold her home of 30 years and left […]

Meandering thoughts on Daisy Cousens

I’ll admit it, at the risk of supporting her cause: Daisy Cousens gets under my skin. It’s not, as she’d probably claim, because she’s a conservative and an anti-feminist. There are plenty of women who hold those beliefs who I consider friends, even if I don’t agree with them. And it’s not because I’m a […]

Choice, abortion, motherhood

Yesterday, I published an article on the ABC about how International Women’s Day — a day that is supposed to celebrate women — rarely makes room for women with caring responsibilities. I received lots of wonderful responses from women who felt the piece reflected their experiences. I also received this email, which I would not […]

Men: do some work this International Women’s Day

Men who live with women, there’s a simple thing you can do to show your commitment to Women’s Equality this International Women’s Day: spend an hour doing housework you don’t usually do. Find a job that needs to be done — don’t ask, just find one — and do it. And then commit to doing […]

Grace and gumption

Seven weeks and four days ago, after 54 and a half hours of contractions, I gave birth to a little girl. We named her Abigail, a name from the very first page of the baby name book, a name we both loved immediately. Abby is a delight. She’s already so funny and inquisitive and loving. […]

Sports Writers Festival: A story

I was very excited to see that the Sports Writing Festival was happening again in Melbourne this year. I contemplated heading down for it, but as it starts exactly two weeks before I am due to give birth, I thought that probably wasn’t the best idea. But despite my general good feelings about the event, there […]

Dear S: A reply

  Dear S, I was intrigued when I received your email this morning, both by the entitlement of demanding a reply from me, while also being both condescending and insulting, and also utterly incorrect. I’m not usually in the habit of replying to such emails, but since you were so eager to hear my responses, […]