Please, allow me a little self-indulgence.

This year really had rocked so far.  And it got even better today.

I’m going back to uni, starting next week (gaaah) to get my Masters in US Studies.  I decided to put a year’s worth of obsessive blog-reading to good use, and hopefully I’ll learn a good deal about the role of the internet in American political culture, which I can then apply to an Australian context, and spend my life working to help good causes utilize technology in affordable but effective ways.

Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, I got an email today to let me know that I have been selected to receive the Rachel Carson scholarship for 2009.

Despite being the smallest of the three scholarships on offer (not that I’m complaining, and I am only a part-time student!), I am super-psyched to get this particular scholarship, because Rachel Carson was an amazing and really inspiring woman.  I will absolutely be posting about her later, but to receive a scholarship named for someone who used the poetic power of words to inspire environmental change is just about the coolest thing I can imagine.

At this point, I’m just so thrilled to be so close to starting uni again.  I’ve missed study very much indeed.  My first essay is on the advantages and disadvantages of the electoral college system.  You heard me right.  The electoral college system.

Oh, Nate Silver, where are you….

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