Are you ready for a shock… I’m telling you, it will be a big one.  NOBODY will see this coming.

My favourite new discovery of 2008 is…. drumroll please…. EZRA KLEIN!!!!

(cue balloons and streamers)

Seriously, though, reading Ezra’s blog has been a wonderful part of the year.  It’s taught me to write with a new kind of voice… to balance the serious and the fun.  It’s taught me to incorporate writing into my daily life in a way I never imagined- and to express both whole and half-thoughts.  Plus, I’ve learned new ways of finding information and of engaging with the world around me.

I think I have learnt more this year than in all the years of my life preceding it, at least partially because reading Ezra’s blog (and others) and the reading that has followed from that.

I was actually thinking about listing the US Political blogosphere as my best discovery, since I read far more than just Ezra’s blog (Yglesias, Coates, et al), but it was his blog that enabled me to fully engage with it all.  And it really has made me a better writer.

*Edit* Honestly, of all my posts, this is the one that gets linked?  This one? That’s almost as bad as The Rain Situation.

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