I’m going to see Belles Will Ring perform as part of the Wharf Sessions series at the Sydney Theatre Company tonight.  I’m rather excited: BWR are one of my favourite Sydney bands (along with Cloud Control and Dappled Cities).  It’s strange, given their links to Cloud Control, that I heard about them the way I did: they did a rather stripped-back performance opening for Fionn Regan when he played at the Basement in March 2007.

I really enjoyed the gig, and spent weeks afterwards googling them- realising not that the band name was spelled Belles will Ring, rather than Bells Will Ring.  Finally, on my way to UNSW one day, I saw a sign for their EP on a lightpost.  Belles Will Ring!

Since, I’ve lost track of how many times I have seen them.  They have a sort of 60s psychadelic sound.  Below is one of their songs.  If you’re in Sydney tonight, bored and looking for something to do at 10, I recommend this free gig!

“The Coldest Heart”:

And my favourite of their songs, “And Jesus Said Unto Me”
(no, they are not a religious band)

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