As you may well be aware, the Chai Cake with Honey Ginger Cream won the recent cake wars.  It was closely contested, but ultimately, the Chai cake was victorious, and became the first cake I baked from the amazing Sky High: Triple Layer Cakes.

I’m pleased to say I baked the cake on Saturday, and it was as delightful as it sounded.  Below are some photos- I decided to play around with some food photography, but sadly some of the cake had been eaten before I had the chance. One below, more after the fold.

Having fun with food photography

1/3 of a cake masquerading as a whole cake.

(The whole, but decidedly less sexy cake)

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  1. I attempted to make a triple layer Black Forest cake on Friday, because I’d promised my boyfriend that I would. It was a bad idea. The cake tasted great, but assembling cakes that require whipped cream in 40 degree heat was not the smartest thing I’ve done recently. It also would have helped if I had let the cherries cool properly. Melted cream tends to spoil the effect. Think I might try that one again in winter.

    Your cake looks delicious – I’m almost tempted to get the book myself because of it!

  2. I cannot recommend the book highly enough: every single cake in there looks amazing. I’m going to try the espresso drizzle cake next, then the Vanilla Bean with White Chocolate.

    The only problem is that I don’t actually have enough people around to eat them! Half the chai cake is still in my fridge.

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