Who is Taylor Swift anyway?

We’re deep in the Taylor Swift vortex now, the land of a million think pieces and the backlash to the backlash. We have reached peak “the person on the other side of this argument is a hipster”.  So in the avalanche of Swiftpinions, why write another piece on Swift? Because in late October last year, […]

Football, diversity and why the AFL <i>can</i> do better

Two weeks ago, I got home from the AFL Grand Final, upset after hearing some awful abuse at the game and, after complaining, being told by a security guard there was nothing they could do about it and “everyone does it”. I was disappointed that, in 21st Century Australia, this behaviour can occur and be […]

Email from the AFL

This is the email I received from a representative of the AFL after I published my piece about racism, sexism and homophobia at the AFL Grand Final. I have received permission to print it from the author, though it was originally captioned “not for publication”. Hi Erin Sorry to hear that your experience at last […]

Episode one: Hate-watching, misogynerds and World War One.

At long last, the first episode of Hit, Shits and Other Bits. In this episode: hate-watching, misogynerds and World War One. Plus, Lauren makes a confession that makes Cam need to lie down, Cam makes a confession that makes Lauren need to lie down, and Erin just needs to lie down    

Not just a broken promise, a bad one

Since the proposed “debt reduction levy” was first reported earlier this week, commentators and the opposition have made much of Abbott’s decision to break his promise that there will be no tax increases in he led. Recent polls suggest his government’s popularity is suffering the consequences too. But the mistake Abbott made was not breaking […]