Change is a-coming

I’ve been a little light on the blogging the last few days, because I’m feverishly working to move this blog (that’s right! Move it!) to my own domain with a new host, so I can start playing around with some of the more technical stuff.  I get to do a bit of that at work, […]

In the future..

I have a whole bunch of draft posts I’ve been working on… I planned to publish them all tonight, but it’s too freaking HOT to be creative.  And humid. Anyway, here are the titles of said posts, so y’all can marvel at what you COULD have read: -The World in Mind – The Honest Truth […]

Music recommendation

I have found a new band!  They’re called Frightened Rabbit, and they are more than a little awesome.  I couldn’t find any of the songs I really like with good video, so you’ll have to make do with just the audio for this, Keep Yourself Warm.  The lyrics aren’t mother-friendly (hi Mum!), so I’ll post […]

New South Wales, in the toilet

Via Possum at Crikey comes this very scary series of graphs that shows NSW v. the rest of the Australian economy. While it is explained, to some extent, by the fact that most financial institutions have their hubs in Sydney, it’s still scary.  Our overinflated housing prices can’t help, nor can the fact our state […]

Putting his money where his mouth is

It’s nice to see that he’s keeping his promise:  Obama called for a 120-day halt to Guantanamo Military commissions within hours of taking office… Link

My President is Black, Part II

I listened to My President is Black by Young Jezzy again on the way home, and this bit just really struck me: When thousands of peoples is riled up to see you That can arouse ya ego, we got mouths to feed so Gotta stay true to who you are and where you came from […]

Worth reading..

Mark Schmidt has a fantastic piece in The American Prospect on Obama’s inaugural address, and the shift in his focus from the abstract to the concrete.  It’s online here, and thoroughly worth reading.

K-Rudd's Twitter Feed

KevinRuddPM Looking forward to working with new US President Barack Obama 9 minutes ago from web This was only after: KevinRuddPM Honoured and humbled to open the Bernie Banton Centre for Asbestos Diseases Research this morning. about 1 hour ago from web KevinRuddPM Met with Gough Whitlam to congratulate him becoming longest living Australian Prime […]


My two main Inauguration post probably got lost among all the crap I’ve been posting, so here are links: This Day Inauguration Liveblog

Is it just me…

… or does this day just seem surreal. Looking at the TV guide, I thought the inauguration was only going to be on ABC.  But it’s on every freaking channel. I guess my favourite bloggers are having trouble getting cell phone coverage in order to Twitter.  It’s weird experiencing this day without their input… I’ve […]