America, government, and the tough question of gun control

There is no doubt that gun control in the United States is a tough and important question and, in my mind, there is no doubt that something needs to change. But after the awful events in Connecticut yesterday, simply saying “Hey America, you should ban guns” or “We did it here after Port Arthur and […]

The carbon tax made me a Liberal… and the Liberal party made me a cynic

About eighteen months ago, fired up in a fury of righteous indignation about the way the Labor party snuck some pretty significant income redistribution- especially toward fairly wealthy retirees- into the Carbon Tax bill, I did what any occasionally-aspiring political pundit would do, and took to Twitter. I declared my allegiances fixed, then and there, […]

No Women’s Round at Fox Footy Channel

This round’s clash is the AFL’s annual Women’s Round, where the contribution of women to Australian football’s wonderful and diverse culture is celebrated. At least, it is if you’re not watching the Fox Footy channel. Since its colonial beginnings, women have always been a significant part of Australian Rules football and its culture. As early as […]

Message to Souris: Sydney's Small Bars are NOT the problem

In the seven years I’ve lived in Sydney, I’ve spent a fair bit of time, and money, in drinking establishments. I’ve seen fights- I even got literally stuck in the middle of one after a guy standing behind me mouthed off to the guy standing in front of me. I’ve seen girls doing racks of coke in the bathroom. I’ve had my arse slapped. I’ve seen people passed out on sofas. I’ve seen girls have screaming matches on the street.

And you know what? Not one of those occasions has been at a small bar.