I love Australian Rules Football, because it is the Australian game.

Long before Association Football was codified, Australian Rules set down its laws and made the code official.  And it was a peculiarly Australian code: one that allowed for ambiguities and differences.  It didn’t even have a standard field size.  Nor does it, to this day.  The beauty of Australian Rules football is its very ambiguity.

And so I watch the Football tonight, and I’ll likely watch it when the Socceroos play early in the hours of Monday morning.  I grasp its vastness and its significance.  But I can’t love it, they way I do Aussie Rules, because Aussie Rules is our game. It’s not a game adopted from an imperial power. It’s not a game adapted from a foreign force.

It is our game. It is what we do best. It is what we did first. And forever, God willing, it will be our game.

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