The internet is a wonderful place to be. It’s an even more wonderful place to be for women, because there are a whole bunch of kick-ass women out there, blogging about the wonderful world of women, and feminism in the 21st Century. The following are some of my personal favourites, and well worth reading.


The original and the best. Well, perhaps not either, but old and good. Feministing is a fantastic online community that focuses around women’s issues, particularly those of a political nature. It’s smart, well-written, and has great observations on life and love and all that good stuff. While I know BVM is undoubtedly the first place you look for those kind of words, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, try Feministing. This article, which was only published this week, on the myth of the hookup culture is just fantastic.

The Pursuit of Harpyness

One of my personal favourites, another blog about being a woman in a modern world. It makes comments on those incredibly irritating sexist things that seem to pop up all the time, it discusses current events, and sometimes, it simply waxes lyrical about the benefits of good-quality bed sheets (with which I could never argue). Add it to your RSS Reader. And if you don’t have an RSS reader, check out my blog tomorrow for a post about how to make the internet work better for you (hint: it involved an RSS reader).


A great, occasionally snarky blog subtitled “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for women. Without Airbrushing.” A great magazine-type website for women with a brain. I’ll even forgive them for naming Ezra Klein one of the top ten sexiest everyday men. Not that he isn’t sexy. Just damn them for noticing.

Tres Lola

A totally different type of site, but Tres Lola definitely deserves a plug. A wonderful everyday advice blog that is a bit of a kindred spirit to Black Valentine’s Manifesto. It’s got a great voice, and really great advice. Kate’s advice on overthinking is absolutely invaluable.

There’s plenty more where those came from, but surely they’ll keep you browsing for the day!

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