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I had to quote

This post from Ta-Nehisi Coates (note: just added to Blogroll).  I just love, love, love the way he writes.  I love that he’s a professional blogger, but his blog stil has the emotion and intimacy of a pleb-blog.

It’s out of flavor with the post-racial times, but I’m going to say it: I’m struck by the number of black people who are going to be working in the White House. I know these aren’t cabinet-level jobs (excepting Holder) and maybe Valerie Jarrett will do an awful job. But I was taken aback watching a black woman lay out the agenda for the next president on Meet The Press a few weeks back. Maybe Holder is a complete bum, but look, I come out of the era of Rodney King, and from time to time will still play “Fuck The Police.” Forgive me for having an emotional reaction to the top-cop in this country being a black man. I have been very hard on people who expect the mere sight of Obama as president to alter some things in the black community. Have I been too hard? I need to think more about how this makes me feel. On an emotional level, I’m sorry, it’s fucking stunning.

Anyway, the latest is Melody Barnes. Here’s some actual policy to cut through the cotton candy of a post you just read. I’m a damn teddy bear. Props to Matt for the link.

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