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I didn't win

So I didn’t win my trip to the inauguration.  Oh, well.  THe guy who won really deserved it- his video WAS the best.  And, of course, I like to think I came second.

But now DC is off the table, I am turning my thoughts to China!  How exciting.  Last time I went I pretty much just stayed in Shanghai, with occasional forays to nearby cities.  This time, I’m going to Beijing, X’ian and Suzhou (sp??) (On the high speed rail!!)

So it’s time to get my visa sorted and prepare for my trip.  How exciting.

2 thoughts on “I didn't win

  1. I am sad, but he deserved to win. I’m thinking of maybe planning to come visit at the end of next year… want to do a Jack-Kerouac inspired road trip across the country? We can do the Apple Pie tour of North America

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