I've got a problem…

So, as regular readers (Megan? ErinP?) might know, I’m a bit interested in farm policy, and food policy.  I think the way our eating habits have evolved is both fascinating and repulsive.  Yes, yes, I am one of those Michael-Pollan-Kool-Aid-Drinkers.

But now I have a problem.  In my new job I work for a (non-evil) agricultural not-for-profit, which invests money in Fruit and Vegies.  Not a problem yet.  The problem is that I’m not supposed to express any interest/preference for particular farming methods, etc.  Which is difficult, because I happen to be VERY opinionated.  Oh well, I guess I can continue to reflect my views in my purchasing habits.

That gripe out of the way, working here is awesome.  When I was at Swans, I was consumed with an all-consuming feeling of the vanity of the whole thing, of how self-indulgent the whole sports industry is.  Now, I have a job that is (mostly) environmentally friendly, is great for the Australian economy, and is really good for the health of the masses.  How good is that ?!?!

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