Veganuary is near!

Sweet Potato Patties

The mos of Movember have been shaved away, and the clarity of mind that followed Ocsober has been long lost in the Christmas Party season.  Not to worry, though, because Veganuary is just around the corner!

Veganuary is the invention of my friend Mal and I.  We were talking about the benefits of eating vegan, both personal and environmental, and decided to commit to eating vegan for a whole month.

The environmental benefits of eating vegan are well-known.  The awesome PB&J Campaign, which encourages people to eat plant-based foods at lunch time, has some incredible state.  The amount of carbon you save by limiting your meat intake is incredible.  Check out the numbers.

Why just a month?  Well, deciding to eat vegan is certainly a lifestyle, and one that takes a lot of commitment.  Veganuary is a good way to learn a bit about the benefits of eating vegan food, and to introduce a few vegan meals to your regular rotation.  After eating vegan for a month, it’s a lot easier to imagine a life in which meat is an occasional luxury, rather than a regular feature.  And you’ll do far more environmental good than, say, switching your lights off for a purely-symbolic hour.

Plus, it’s a great way to start the year on a healthy note, especially after the aforementioned Christmas parties.

As I’ve probably mentioned, oh, 16000 times, I’ll be in Washington DC for January and February, and living in a shared apartment where we’re likely to share meals.  Maintaining my vegan pledge while I’m there will no doubt be a challenge, but worth the effort.

So through Veganuary, I’ll try to post some of my favourite vegan recipes, and let you know how it’s going.

And why not think about signing up** for Veganuary yourself?

*Here’s a link to one of my earlier vegan recipes, Sweet Potato Patties, pictured above. They are seriously yum!

** That is a metaphorical “signing up”.

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