I went to see Death Cab for Cutie with Heidy tonight.  They were really amazing.  They played a heap of older stuff, which was perfect, because I don’t know Narrow Stairs as well as I should.  They played both I Will Follow You Into The Dark and Transatlanticism during the encore, which was achingly beautiful.

But, strangely, while they were playing, another song popped into my head and just wouldn’t go away.   It was Frightened Rabbit, Good Arms vs Bad Arms.  They opened for DCFC not that long ago, so perhaps that was why.  Anyway, on my way home, walking down Harris St after I hopped out of the cab Heidy and I shared, I switched on my iPod and started listening.  By the time I made it across Broadway, I was singing and dancing.  It’s just such a wonderful song, so I had to share it with you tonight.

I can’t recommend the album, The Midnight Organ Flight, enough.  It’s really wonderful.

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