It’s probably time to retire Sufjan Love of the Week, since Sufjan seems to be producing little- if any- new content, and I’ve exhausted what’s currently on Youtube.

I will, however, share a song with with I am currently completely and utterly in love.

“And the seasons
Will change us new
Be the best I’ve known
and you know me
I could not be stuck on you
If it were true

I was sleeping
My eyes were dark
Til you woke me
And told me that opening
is just the start
it was

Now I see you, til kingdom come
You’re the one I want
To see me for all the stupid shit I’ve done


And the criss cross
Of what is true, won’t get to us
Cause you know me
I could not give up on you

And the fog of what is right
Won’t cover us cause you know me
I could not give up a fight”

I think that’s what love should be… </sappyness>

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