Apologies for the silence, dear readers.  Uni work has been chaotic.  I had so many lovely posts I wanted to write, but Uni took all my words.  In the last 20 days (I figured this out last night), I have written 5 essays and a reflective journal, cumulatively around 15,000 words, and attended 36 hours of class, on top of working full-time.  Thankfully, the intensive introductory class is over now, and I should be able to resume my usual blogging schedule.
One of the posts I’m sad I didn’t get a chance to write was why, on Earth Hour, it’d be much better if everyone committed to eating a vegan meal than turning their lights off.  I still might write it.  Eating vegan is one of the best ways to lower your carbon emissions- even if you only do it once a week.

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