It’s 42 degrees C in Sydney today.  I am hot, and I am pissed off.

I was at an event this week that discussed global warming.  I shouldn’t share any more specifics of the event, but it was attended by lots of men in their 50s, and the general vibe in the room was to complain about how much a carbon emissions tax will cost them.  Despite remarkable concessions granted to this particular industry, and it being an industry that could largely benefit from an increased awareness about Climate Change, all they did was complain.

They need to shut the **** up.

I am sick to death of people complaining about how much things are going to cost them.  I am sick of people being unwilling to sacrifice ANY part of their lifestyle.  I’m sick of people complaining about what it will cost.

Some industries are going to die.  Some lifestyle habits aren’t going to be sustainable.  Some people will lose jobs.  We’ll probably all have less disposable income.

Deal with it.

I am fed up with these baby boomers complaining.  They know full well that the full effects of climate change won’t be felt in their lifetime so the answer, obviously, is to do nothing.

Climate Change is not debatable.  It’s not a myth, or a conspiracy.  It is real.

What’s more, the free market won’t be able to convince people to make environmentally responsible decisions- the lag between cause and effect is far too great.  We will need governments to intervene to make sure the decisions that are made today reflect their true cost.  Because climate change won’t hurt the Baby Boomers.  It won’t hurt most of the current CEOs and world leaders.  It’s a problem from which, by virtue of their age, they are protected.

But there’s a good chance it’ll happen in my lifetime.  There’s a much better chance it’ll happen in my children’s, should I one day have kids.

We’ll have the unbearable heat, the insufficient access to water, the rising oceans, the unlivable cities.  We’ll have problems with our food supply, we may well run out of oil.

So you know what, older-folk-complaining-about-the-cost-of-climate-change: Stop being so FREAKING selfish.  Stop being greedy.  Stop thieving from your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Action on Climate Change- and real action, not this wimpy pseudo-action- is a moral imperative.

So SHUT UP to all those people complaining about how action on climate change will cost them. It’ll cost all of us.  But NOT doing anything will cost my generation a hell of a lot more.  So suck it up, quit your whinging, and take responsibility for a mess you had a big part in creating.