So, loyal reader(s?), I have a bit of a gripe, a whinge, a whine.  You know, I don’t get a whole lot of traffic.  And that’s ok… I rather like the idea of my words disappearing into the abyss.

Do you know where the bulk of my traffic comes from (for, with the powers of the internet, I can tell you this)?  It comes from people searching for Rain.  Seriously, that post has about 500 hits.  That’s right… my greatest contribution to the internet cannon will be a post about a Korean Pop star.

And you, loyal reader, will know well that I blog rather a bit about Ezra Klein.  Mainly, because I read his blog a lot, and often, if I’m thinking about something, it’s something that I started thinking about because I read it about it on his blog.  Occasionally, I start thinking about something THEN it shows up on his blog, and that’s just cool, so I point it out.  And sometimes I do play Ezra-evangelist, spreading the word, because I do love his writing so very much that I want my friends to read it too.  But mostly, it’s just stuff he says makes sense, so I blog about it

So, loyal reader, imagine my amazement when, today, I had a bit of a traffic spike and virtually ALL my traffic was from people searching “Ezra Klein”.

Apparently, him being one of the ten sexiest everyday men (though really… Obama? An Everyday man?  Point out one like him in my everyday life and I’ll give you my nintendo) is good for my traffic.

So I’m either Korean-pop-star-girl or respectable-liberal-blogger-ezra-klein-fan-girl.  Or both.

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