I’ve been going through my semiannual Dave Matthews renaissance this week, largely because I love this song:

Anyway, I was listening to DM’s solo album, Some Devil, because I wanted to listen to that song. Repeatedly. On the way to the song, I skipped over one track called “Save Me.” Then I got thinking about it, ’cause I’d never really listened to it properly. It’s kind of a non-descript song. Definitely not a favourite.

But I was thinking about it for quite a little while. And I did listen to it, as I arrived at work yesterday morning.

Then, last night, I went to the Coles to buy Bonsoy… the best soy ever. Anyway, it WAS ON THE RADIO at the shop. What are the chances.

So weird.

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July 9, 2008 2:39 am

This is a great song 🙂

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