So I’m up to the 8th day of my veganism.  Originally, this was just supposed to be a trial: to add some vegan recipes to my repertoire and hopefully move further along the toward the Vegan side of the Vegan-Carnivore Continuum.  But after 8 days of only eating Vegan food, I feel great.  Energetic, healthy, really, really good.  I’m spending less at the grocery store, while eating more, and my skin, seriously, has NEVER been this clear.

So I think I’m going to keep going, at least for a while.  The very real environmental benefits of eating a plant-based diet are significant, and the personal benefits- which, really, are what are either going to keep me on the wagon or send me flying off it- are also pretty substantial.

That being said, though, I don’t think I’ll ever transition to being a full vegan.  If I go to someone’s house, and they’ve made me a nice dinner with meat in it, it would be completely wasteful, not to mention counterproductive, not to eat it.  The energy is already spent, no use letting it go to waste.

Oh, and occasionally, if I want to cook something REALLY nice with animal products, I think that’s ok too.  Ultimately, I’m doing this to attempt to lower my carbon footprint, so the occasional cake is hardly going to send my carbon ratings off the charts.

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