Yesterday was delightfully overcast and slightly chilly. It made me hopeful… Winter is just around the corner. And it stirred something in me.

You see, every time the weather turns that little bit cooler, my fingers start to itch. Then, suddenly, I am overwhelmed by desire. Desire to bake.

After a lengthy discussion with my brother last night about Gordon Ramsey, Bill Granger, and the merits of fine cuisine, I was even more inspired to don my floral apron (which is super-sexy: thanks Megan!) and create some tasty treats.

Actually, it was in no small part due to the influence of Mr Ezra Klein, whose
is throughly worth reading, and whose tales of his own cooking antics inspired me to return, once again, to the kitchen. (the blog is not solely about cooking! READ IT!)

So I decided to bake. Impossible as it is to merely attempt ONE dish, I decided upon my world-famous baked risotto and some coconut bread.

The risotto was first. I added the usual ingredients to a pyrex dish, then heated them up and mixed and stirred. They were simmering nicely when I decided to duck away to check the ingredients I needed for the coconut bread.

I think this was the moment that (could have) cost me.

It took a few minutes to find the ingredients, the quantities, the instructions and transcribe them onto the back of a credit card bill. By the time I returned, my simmering risotto smelled as though it had caught slightly on the bottom, so I stirred it, then walked away to grab a tea-towel so I could move it off the stove.

That’s when it happened.

There was an almighty bang. I quickly turned to see the pyrex dish had EXPLODED. Not broken. EXPLODED. Shards of glass littered the kitchen (not to mention a kilo of risotto). Remarkably, only one bit of glass managed to get me, and a shed a single drop of blood

TEN SECONDS earlier, and I would have been stirring the dish as it exploded. TEN SECONDS. That is all that separated me from a lifetime of blindness. Not to mention lots of ugly scars.

So my ever-so-wonderful housemate Yvonne and I mopped up the mess, then I did what any good cook would do… went to Coles to buy a new dish, and another can of tomatoes, so I could still make the risotto.

Anyway, my coconut bread is almost done (and smells delightful, if I do say so myself). I better go and rescue it… good thing it’s in one of those silicone baking things.

So that is my tale. Read it! Be chastened! Learn from my mistakes! And appreciate your face, because at any point it may be torn to shreds by an exploding pyrex dish.

I know now, every time I eat risotto, I will think about the lessons I have learned.

Goodnight and adieu!

Erin (who is sound of face and mind)

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