My cousin has a blog, and she had this list of stuff she likes. I thought it was a cute idea, though I felt a pressing need to add stuff I don’t like to the list.

It’s Monday, and my brain has ceased to function properly.

Things that I like:

  • Books.
  • Rain. Heavy rain. Light rain. All forms of rain, really.
  • Writing.
  • Songs in 5/4 time.
  • Yoga with my awesome yoga teacher.
  • Playing my nintendo.
  • Barack Obama

Things I don’t like:

  • Living a continent away from my best friend.
  • Poorly written newspaper stories.
  • Football games in which the Swans lose.
  • Hillary Clinton (kidding!)

Thing that give me the heebie jeebies:

  • the incorrect use of apostrophes
  • the thought of McCain winning the US presidential election
  • Long lines of spindly ants
  • Anything involving blood on television

That give me warm fuzzies:

  • Getting an email from Megan or my mum or someone else I love
  • Finally opening a book I’ve REALLY been looking forward to reading
  • Baking something really yummy- and people enjoying eating said yummy thing
  • Remembering September 24, 2005 🙂

And that is is. For now. I’ve forgotten loads, no doubt, but my narcissism is exhausted for the night.

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