So I’ve been reading the comments section on that story about literary taste as a measure of compatibility (I’m still in the process writing my blog about the article), and this was about 70 posts down the list:

When Kurt Vonnegut died last year I walked around campus all day with Slaughterhouse-Five (my favorite book) in my back pocket as my little “tribute” to him. A girl in one of my classes who I had a secret crush on noticed that book and then found me on facebook later that day, expressing regret over Kurt’s passing. We got to talking and we’ve been going out more or less ever since.

Absurdly pretentious, but oh-so-adorable. I really want to write a short story about it. But since I probably never will, I thought I’d share my desire to write said short story with you. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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